Celebrate Alien Day with a bargain by getting the official RPG at half-price

About Alien: The Roleplaying Game

da big blind poker: Released: 2019

da Brasileirão Série C: Publisher: Free League Publishing

Celebrate Alien Day by getting the official Alien tabletop roleplaying game for half-price in a sale featuring several Alien RPG products.

Alien Day takes place every April 26th and gives fans of the science fiction film franchise the opportunity to celebrate the series. First celebrated by fans in 2015, the date is meant as a reference to the moon in which the Xenomorphs are discovered by the crew of the Nostromo in the original 1979 Alien film – called LV-426, hence April 26th.

Besides providing fans with a, mostly unnecessary, excuse to watch films from the franchise – especially Alien and Aliens, two of the best pieces of sci-fi cinema ever created – Alien Day is also the chance for people to find new ways to enjoy the series: such as playing its official tabletop roleplaying game.

Dicebreaker plays the Alien RPG via online platform Demiplane.

Alien: The Roleplaying Game is a tabletop RPG in which players become unfortunate characters living within the world of the iconic film franchise. As these characters, players roll dice and interact with each others’ characters, as well as those controlled by the Game Master – who also narrates the story and environment. In the base experience, players have the option to create a human or android character, who fulfils a certain role within a spaceship or station.

As this character, players will explore their environment and, as is inevitably the case in anything Alien, encounter a strange and terrifying creature: whose identity you can probably guess. Being a horror roleplaying game first-and-foremost, the Alien RPG emphasises the player characters’ vulnerability, even those trained for combat like Marines. Whenever a character experiences something scary or stressful, they have the chance to gain a stress die – which will both aid them in their next few ability checks, which test characters’ skills, and push them closer towards a greater failure.

In celebration of Alien Day, Free League Publishing, the company responsible for releasing the Alien RPG, is running a sale on Alien: The Roleplaying Game. Players can get their hands on the Alien RPG Core Game book for 50% off the usual asking price – 284 Norwegian kroner, or £20 ($25) instead of the usual 568 kroner, or £41 ($51) – which features everything players need to create their characters, learn to play the TRPG and for GMs to run their own campaigns.

Additionally, the Alien RPG Starter Set – which allows players to quickly begin playing the game – is also discounted to half-price, as well as several supplementary books such as Destroyer of Worlds, Heart of Darkness, the Colonial Marines Operation Manual and accessories like physical Stress Dice, Base Dice and an Alien RPG-themed GM screen.

The Alien Day sale is currently live on the Free League Publishing store.