All Palworld breeding combos: Full list

da wingdus: Want a full list of the best Palworld breeding combos? Whilst Palworld is a creature capture game at its heart, it is possible to breed all 137 Pals in the game instead of battling them. To do so, you’ll need a list of the best breeding combos.

da brlwin: Below we’ve provided just that, along with a breeding calculator so you can work out the chances for specific Pal offspring. We’ve also gone through how to breed in Palworld, explained the chance of getting specific genders and listed which Pals we recommend breeding first. To take a look at this ultimate breeding guide for yourself, read on!

In this guide:

How to breed Pals in PalworldUnique Palworld Breeding CombosPalworld Breeding CalculatorPal Genders explainedPalworld Best Breeding CombosBest Pals to breed first in PalworldHow to breed Pals in Palworld

To breed in Palworld, you will need a Breeding Farm. The Breeding Farm is unlocked at level 19, and you can craft one out of Wood, Stone, and Fiber. The exact amounts are listed below:

100x Wood20x Stone50x Fiber

Once built, you will need a female Pal, male Pal, and Cake to get the Pals to breed together. If you need help with the latter, check out our handy guide on how to make Cake in Palworld!

Place the Cake inside the Breeding Farm Chest to the right of the entrance. Then place your two Pal parents into your base via the Palbox, pick them up, and launch them towards the Breeding Farm to assign them to it.

Now, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the Egg to be created. Once you have the Egg, place it inside an Egg Incubator and wait for it to hatch.

Unique Palworld breeding combos

In most cases when breeding in Palworld, the species of the offspring is determined by a calculation based on the two parents’ Breeding Power Values (see more below). But there are a few unique Palworld breeding combos that ignore this calculation.

These breeding combos are important, because they are the only way that you can breed any of the below Pals. Most of them are for subspecies with particular elemental suffixes: “Ignis”, “Noct”, “Cryst”, and so on. At the end of the list, you’ll also see that there are 5 rare Pals that can only be bred by combining two of that same Pal species, so you’ll need to find two of that species if you want more!

Here is the full list of all unique Palworld breeding combos:

Child Parent 1 Parent 2

Blazehowl NoctBlazehowlFelbatBroncherry AquaBroncherryFuackDinossom LuxDinossomRayhoundEikthyrdeer TerraEikthyrdeerHangyuElphidran AquaElphidranSurfentFalerisAnubisVanwyrmFrostallion NoctFrostallionHelzephyrGobfin IgnisGobfinRoobyGrizzboltMossandaRayhoundHangyu CrystHangyuSweeIncineram NoctIncineramMaraithJolthog CrystJolthogPengulletKingpaca CrystKingpacaReindrixLeezpunk IgnisLeezpunkFlambelleLyleenMossandaPetalliaLyleen NoctLyleenMenastingMammorest CrystMammorestWumpoMau CrystMauPengulletMossanda LuxMossandaGrizzboltOrserkGrizzboltRelaxaurusPyrin NoctPyrinKatressRelaxaurus LuxRelaxaurusSparkitReptyro CrystReptyroFoxcicleRobinquill TerraRobinquillFuddlerShadowbeakAstegonKitsunSurfent TerraSurfentDumudSuzaku AquaSuzakuJormuntideVanwyrm CrystVanwyrmFoxcicleFrostallionFrostallionFrostallionJetragonJetragonJetragonJormuntide IgnisJormuntide IgnisJormuntide IgnisNecromusNecromusNecromusPaladiusPaladiusPaladius

If you need help finding any of these Pals in order to start off the breeding process, check out our Palworld Pal locations guide!

Palworld Breeding Calculator

All Pals have a hidden Breeding Power Value (BPV), which is used to calculate the species of the child when two Pals breed. Unlike the gender, there’s no randomness involved with the Breeding Power Values. Once you understand the simple formula that is used behind the scenes, you’ll see that no matter how many times you breed a specific pair of Pals, you’ll always end up with the same species of offspring.

Every Pal’s Breeding Power Value is a number between 10 and 1500, with lower values being rarer and stronger. You can work out exactly which Pal you’ll end up with if you breed two specific Pals by using the following calculation:


Or, to put it more simply:

Add the male parent’s BPV to the female parent’s BPV.Add 1 to your answer, and then divide it all by 2.Round the answer down to the nearest whole number.Find the Pal in the table below with the nearest BVP to your answer.If there’s a tie, then pick the Pal with the lowest Tie-Break Order.

Pal Breeding Power Value Tie-Break Order

Chikipi150062Teafant149014Mau14804Lamball147027Cattiva146046Cremis1455135Vixy145079Mau Cryst14405Lifmunk14307Hangyu Cryst142232Hangyu142031Sparkit141065Flambelle1405137Foxparks140020Hoocrates139082Depresso138047Jolthog137017Jolthog Cryst136018Pengullet135023Tocotoco13408Fuack133059Bristla132021Ribunny1310117Swee1300114Killamari129085Flopie128091Kelpsea Ignis127084Kelpsea126083Tanzee1250107Gumoss1240112Gumoss (Special)1240113Daedream1230106Fuddler1220101Dazzi121024Woolipop119039Nox1180121Wixen116080Rooby1155138Maraith115051Leezpunk Ignis114058Rushoar11306Leezpunk112057Lunaris111022Gobfin Ignis110026Gobfin109025Cawgnito108044Beegarde107095Direhowl106015Vaelet105089Gorirat104016Galeclaw103012Robinquill102052Felbat101070Robinquill Terra100053Verdash990103Fenglope98048Loupmoon95030Lovander94081Caprity93075Eikthyrdeer9209Mozzarina91086Eikthyrdeer Terra90010Dumud895136Melpaca89041Reindrix88076Celaray870128Broncherry86071Digtoise85011Broncherry Aqua84072Kitsun83056Dinossom82063Dinossom Lux81064Chillet800123Arsox79099Petallia780130Foxcicle760104Tombat75096Rayhound740100Blazehowl710108Katress700116Univolt68019Blazehowl Noct670109Vanwyrm66060Bushi640127Vanwyrm Cryst62061Incineram5902Incineram Noct5803Anubis5701Surfent56042Surfent Terra55043Elphidran54037Elphidran Aqua53038Penking520122Grintale510131Azurobe50045Cinnamoth490132Wumpo Botan48088Kingpaca470110Wumpo46087Sibelyx45078Kingpaca Cryst440111Mossanda43097Nitewing42090Sweepa410115Mossanda Lux39098Ragnahawk380126Faleris37073Pyrin36035Quivern350124Warsect340119Elizabee33094Reptyro32049Jormuntide Ignis31529Jormuntide31028Mammorest30068Mammorest Cryst29069Relaxaurus28054Relaxaurus Lux27055Menasting260133Lyleen25092Pyrin Noct24036Reptyro Cryst23050Beakon220118Lyleen Noct21093Grizzbolt20013Helzephyr190125Astegon150102Orserk140134Cryolinx13040Frostallion12066Frostallion Noct10067Jetragon90105Paladius80120Necromus70129Shadowbeak6077Suzaku5033Suzaku Aqua3034Blazamut1074Pal Genders explained

You need to have one male parent and one female parent to start breeding in Palworld. But if you want the offspring Pal to be a particular gender, then things are slightly more complicated and chance-based.

Almost all Pals have a 50% chance to be male or female when they are born. But there are exceptions to this rule. The following 10 Pals have a skewed chance of being male or female when bred in Palworld:

Pal Male Female

Kingpaca90%10%Kingpaca Cryst90%10%Warsect85%15%Lovander30%70%Lyleen30%70%Lyleen Noct30%70%Dazzi20%80%Mozzarina20%80%Beegarde10%90%Elizabee10%90%

There’s nothing you can do to influence whether the offspring Pal will be male or female when breeding. You just have to keep trying until you get the gender you require.

Palworld best breeding combos

Because of Palworld’s hidden Breeding Power Values, there’s a huge number of possible breeding combos – in fact, there is a grand total of 19,044 breeding combos in the game.

That’s obviously too many to list, and far too many to be useful anyway. So instead, we’ve compiled a list of the top 1-3 best breeding combos for each Pal species in Palworld below, to help you breed the Pals you want as quickly as possible.

See our full list of the best breeding combos for each Pal below. This list is in alphabetical order rather than Paldeck number.

How to breed Anubis:Penking + BushiCelaray + RelaxaurusArsox + PyrinHow to breed Arsox:Frostallion + LamballGumoss + ElizabeeGobfin + CinnamothHow to breed Astegon:Elizabee + BlazamutRelaxaurus + BlazamutMenasting + SuzakuHow to breed Azurobe:Penking + CinnamothMossanda + SurfentNitewing + IncineramHow to breed Beakon:Elizabee + CryolinxMossanda + BlazamutPyrin + SuzakuHow to breed Beegarde:Cattiva + UnivoltTanzee + MelpacaTanzee + DumudHow to breed Blazamut:Blazamut + BlazamutBlazamut + Suzaku AquaHow to breed Blazehowl:Penking + MozzarinaLifmunk + BlazamutCelaray + SurfentHow to breed Blazehowl Noct:Blazehowl + FelbatHow to breed Bristla:Lamball + NoxFoxparks + TanzeeChikipi + RushoarHow to breed Broncherry:Foxparks + ElizabeeRooby + SurfentGumoss + CinnamothHow to breed Broncherry Aqua:Broncherry + FuackHow to breed Bushi:Mozzarina + PyrinMossanda + KitsunCaprity + ElizabeeHow to breed Caprity:Cattiva + SweepaLifmunk + MossandaPengullet + PenkingHow to breed Cattiva:Lamball + VixyLifmunk + TeafantLamball + CremisHow to breed Cawgnito:Tanzee + MozzarinaFoxparks + FoxcicleGumoss + MozzarinaHow to breed Celaray:Fuack + SweepaRooby + IncineramBristla + NitewingHow to breed Chikipi:Chikipi + ChikipiHow to breed Chillet:Penking + GobfinGumoss + PyrinNox + MossandaHow to breed Cinnamoth:Nitewing + SurfentFoxcicle + BeakonGrintale + KingpacaHow to breed Cremis:Cattiva + VixyLifmunk + MauChikipi + SparkitHow to breed Cryolinx:Beakon + BlazamutBlazamut + HelzephyrHelzephyr + SuzakuHow to breed Daedream:Lifmunk + GaleclawTanzee + FuddlerJolthog + GobfinHow to breed Dazzi:Lamball + CaprityTanzee + RoobyPengullet + DirehowlHow to breed Depresso:Lamball + KillamariLifmunk + FuackJolthog + HoocratesHow to breed Digtoise:Foxparks + RelaxaurusFoxparks + MammorestPengullet + ElizabeeHow to breed Dinossom:Rooby + CinnamothRushoar + CinnamothFlopie + PyrinHow to breed Dinossom Lux:Dinossom + RayhoundHow to breed Direhowl:Lifmunk + UnivoltTanzee + CelarayFuack + ArsoxHow to breed Dumud:Lifmunk + PyrinJolthog + MossandaDepresso + NitewingHow to breed Eikthyrdeer:Chikipi + ElizabeeFoxparks + MossandaPengullet + CinnamothHow to breed Eikthyrdeer Terra:Eikthyrdeer + HangyuHow to breed Elizabee:Pyrin + MammorestBeakon + SibelyxElphidran + CryolinxHow to breed Elphidran:Penking + SurfentCelaray + BeakonIncineram + CinnamothHow to breed Elphidran Aqua:Elphidran + SurfentHow to breed Faleris:Vanwyrm + AnubisHow to breed Felbat:Rooby + CelarayPenking + MauChikipi + PenkingHow to breed Fenglope:Lamball + CinnamothLifmunk + PenkingRooby + ArsoxHow to breed Flambelle:Lamball + TocotocoCattiva + PengulletFoxparks + SparkitHow to breed Flopie:Lamball + GobfinFoxparks + RoobySparkit + RoobyHow to breed Foxcicle:Rooby + PyrinPenking + RobinquillGumoss + RelaxaurusHow to breed Foxparks:Lamball + FuackCattiva + FuackLifmunk + JolthogHow to breed Frostallion:Frostallion + FrostallionHow to breed Frostallion Noct:Frostallion + HelzephyrHow to breed Fuack:Chikipi + RoobySparkit + TanzeeLamball + WoolipopHow to breed Fuddler:Rooby + FlopieFoxparks + GoriratDepresso + DirehowlHow to breed Galeclaw:Lamball + IncineramRooby + MozzarinaGumoss + KitsunHow to breed Gobfin:Tanzee + CaprityRooby + GaleclawLifmunk + FoxcicleHow to breed Gobfin Ignis:Gobfin + RoobyHow to breed Gorirat:Chikipi + IncineramRooby + CaprityTeafant + IncineramHow to breed Grintale:Mossanda + IncineramChillet + BeakonPyrin + VanwyrmHow to breed Grizzbolt:Mossanda + RayhoundHow to breed Gumoss:Fuack + RoobyCattiva + RobinquillHoocrates + GobfinHow to breed Gumoss (Special):Gumoss (Special) + Gumoss (Special)How to breed Hangyu:Lifmunk + FoxparksChikipi + FuackLifmunk + SparkitHow to breed Hangyu Cryst:Hangyu + SweeHow to breed Helzephyr:Pyrin + BlazamutBeakon + CryolinxRagnahawk + BlazamutHow to breed Hoocrates:Lamball + RibunnyChikipi + FlopieLifmunk + PengulletHow to breed Incineram:Penking + UnivoltRooby + BlazamutCelaray + ElizabeeHow to breed Incineram Noct:Incineram + MaraithHow to breed Jetragon:Jetragon + JetragonHow to breed Jolthog:Lamball + TanzeeChikipi + TanzeeFoxparks + FuackHow to breed Jolthog Cryst:Jolthog + PengulletHow to breed Jormuntide:Elizabee + RelaxaurusSweepa + BeakonNitewing + HelzephyrHow to breed Jormuntide Ignis:Jormuntide Ignis + Jormuntide IgnisHow to breed Katress:Penking + CelarayDirehowl + ElizabeeGobfin + MammorestHow to breed Kelpsea:Lamball + DirehowlLifmunk + GobfinTanzee + FlopieHow to breed Kelpsea Ignis:Cattiva + GobfinFuack + FuddlerTanzee + KillamariHow to breed Killamari:Lifmunk + RoobyCattiva + RushoarFuack + TanzeeHow to breed Kingpaca:Penking + NitewingCaprity + BlazamutIncineram Noct + PyrinHow to breed Kingpaca Cryst:Kingpaca + ReindrixHow to breed Kitsun:Fuack + ElizabeeTanzee + NitewingRooby + PenkingHow to breed Lamball:Lamball + CattivaChikipi + LifmunkVixy + TeafantHow to breed Leezpunk:Fuack + MozzarinaJolthog + CelarayCremis + ArsoxHow to breed Leezpunk Ignis:Leezpunk + FlambelleHow to breed Lifmunk:Lamball + FoxparksCattiva + FoxparksChikipi + PengulletHow to breed Loupmoon:Lamball + MossandaLifmunk + CinnamothFoxparks + PenkingHow to breed Lovander:Lamball + SweepaGumoss + BushiHoocrates + CinnamothHow to breed Lunaris:Fuack + CelarayPengullet + CelarayLamball + FoxcicleHow to breed Lyleen:Mossanda + PetalliaHow to breed Lyleen Noct:Lyleen + MenastingHow to breed Mammorest:Incineram + BlazamutElizabee + MenastingBeakon + RagnahawkHow to breed Mammorest Cryst:Mammorest + WumpoHow to breed Maraith:Lifmunk + CelarayRooby + RushoarFoxparks + MelpacaHow to breed Mau:Lamball + ChikipiCattiva + ChikipiLamball + TeafantHow to breed Mau Cryst:Mau + PengulletHow to breed Melpaca:Tanzee + PenkingPengullet + MossandaLamball + MammorestHow to breed Menasting:Penking + BlazamutElizabee + HelzephyrPyrin + CryolinxHow to breed Mossanda:Grintale + PyrinBushi + BeakonNitewing + SibelyxHow to breed Mossanda Lux:Mossanda + GrizzboltHow to breed Mozzarina:Cattiva + PyrinFuack + CinnamothPenking + KillamariHow to breed Necromus:Necromus + NecromusHow to breed Nitewing:Penking + ElizabeeElizabee + GrintaleArsox + SuzakuHow to breed Nox:Lamball + MelpacaVixy + MozzarinaCattiva + MelpacaHow to breed Orserk:Grizzbolt + RelaxaurusHow to breed Paladius:Paladius + PaladiusHow to breed Pengullet:Lamball + GumossCattiva + TanzeeFuack + JolthogHow to breed Penking:Cinnamoth + SurfentMozzarina + CryolinxCinnamoth + ElphidranHow to breed Petallia:Rooby + SweepaDaedream + ElizabeeRushoar + MossandaHow to breed Pyrin:Penking + BeakonElizabee + SweepaMossanda + RelaxaurusHow to breed Pyrin Noct:Pyrin + KatressHow to breed Quivern:Nitewing + RelaxaurusGrintale + HelzephyrRagnahawk + ReptyroHow to breed Ragnahawk:Mossanda + ElizabeeNitewing + ElizabeeCinnamoth + RelaxaurusHow to breed Rayhound:Lamball + BlazamutRooby + ElizabeePenking + CaprityHow to breed Reindrix:Lifmunk + ElizabeeLamball + RelaxaurusFuack + MossandaHow to breed Relaxaurus:Nitewing + CryolinxElizabee + BeakonPenking + SuzakuHow to breed Relaxaurus Lux:Relaxaurus + SparkitHow to breed Reptyro:Penking + CryolinxMossanda + BeakonPyrin + RelaxaurusHow to breed Reptyro Cryst:Reptyro + FoxcicleHow to breed Ribunny:Lamball + RoobyCattiva + RoobyTanzee + JolthogHow to breed Robinquill:Lamball + SurfentTanzee + ArsoxRooby + MelpacaHow to breed Robinquill Terra:Robinquill + FuddlerHow to breed Rooby:Foxparks + MozzarinaTanzee + DirehowlRushoar + NoxHow to breed Rushoar:Lamball + ArsoxFoxparks + CelarayFuack + CaprityHow to breed Shadowbeak:Kitsun + AstegonHow to breed Sibelyx:Penking + PyrinNitewing + CinnamothElizabee + SurfentHow to breed Sparkit:Lamball + PengulletLifmunk + HoocratesFuack + TeafantHow to breed Surfent:Penking + IncineramMossanda + UnivoltArsox + ElizabeeHow to breed Surfent Terra:Surfent + DumudHow to breed Suzaku:Cryolinx + BlazamutBlazamut + AstegonBlazamut + OrserkHow to breed Suzaku Aqua:Suzaku + JormuntideHow to breed Swee:Lamball + RushoarLifmunk + NoxFuack + FlopieHow to breed Sweepa:Penking + RelaxaurusMossanda + PyrinCinnamoth + ElizabeeHow to breed Tanzee:Lamball + GaleclawFoxparks + GobfinTanzee + GumossHow to breed Teafant:Chikipi + MauChikipi + TeafantTeafant + TeafantHow to breed Tocotoco:Cattiva + DaedreamLamball + FuddlerLifmunk + TanzeeHow to breed Tombat:Penking + VerdashNox + ElizabeeDirehowl + MossandaHow to breed Univolt:Penking + KitsunFuack + BlazamutCelaray + CinnamothHow to breed Vaelet:Cattiva + BushiDaedream + CelarayDirehowl + GoriratHow to breed Vanwyrm:Celaray + MossandaRushoar + HelzephyrPenking + ArsoxHow to breed Vanwyrm Cryst:Vanwyrm + FoxcicleHow to breed Verdash:Lamball + PenkingChikipi + CinnamothCattiva + PenkingHow to breed Vixy:Lamball + LifmunkCattiva + LifmunkChikipi + FoxparksHow to breed Warsect:Mossanda + MenastingBeakon + WumpoElizabee + PyrinHow to breed Wixen:Lamball + CelarayLifmunk + MozzarinaCattiva + CelarayHow to breed Woolipop:Lamball + MozzarinaRooby + DaedreamChikipi + CelarayHow to breed Wumpo:Penking + SweepaIncineram + ElizabeeMossanda + CinnamothHow to breed Wumpo Botan:Wumpo + CinnamothPenking + MossandaIncineram + PyrinBest Pals to breed first in Palworld

The following list contains all the Pals to prioritise and breed first in Palworld. We’ve chosen them due to various factors like effectiveness in combat, Partner Skill, Skill proficiencies and more. We’ve also selected Pals that are otherwise rare and hard to obtain through exploration. Therefore, breeding can offer you a shortcut to getting the best Pals in Palworld.

Pal Pal parents Reason to breed

AnubisPenking + Bushi
Celaray + Relaxaurus
Arsox + PyrinHandiwork Level 4
Powerful Ground attacks
Side dodge moveAstegonElizabee + Blazamut
Relaxaurus + Blazamut
Menasting + SuzakuMining Level 4
An otherwise rare flying mount
Dark and Dragon attacksGrizzboltMossanda + RayhoundTransporting Level 3
Generating Electricity Level 3
Otherwise rare to obtain
Can be mounted
Can wield a minigunJormuntideElizabee + Relaxaurus
Sweepa + Beakon
Nitewing + HelzephyrWatering Level 4
One of the fastest mounts
Water, Electric and Dragon attacksLovanderLamball + Sweepa
Gumoss + Bushi
Hoocrates + CinnamothHeart Drain skill can restore HP
Four skill proficiencies
Neutral, Water and Dark attacksLyleenMossanda + PetalliaFour different skill proficiencies
Harvest Goddess skill can restore HP
Otherwise rare to obtain
The best Pal for Planting and Medicine ProductionOrserkGrizzbolt + RelaxaurusGenerating Electricity Level 4
Kerauno skill, capable of 100 power
Otherwise rare to obtainShadowbeakKitsun + AstegonOtherwise rare to obtain
Flying mount
Powerful Dark attacksSibelyxPenking + Pyrin
Nitewing + Cinnamoth
Elizabee + SurfentIce, Dark and Water attacks
Silk Maker skill unleashes a Blizzard Spike attack
Can produce High Quality Cloth at a ranchVerdashLamball + Penking
Chikipi + Cinnamoth
Cattiva + PenkingFive different skill proficiencies
Otherwise rare to obtain
A strong base Pal for Gathering

That rounds off our guide to breeding in Palworld and the best breeding combos for each Pal. For more tips and tricks, see our list of the best Pals in Palworld which includes the best flying mounts, regular mounts, best Pals for combat and more, across all elements. Alternatively, see our full Pal list which includes more information on every single Pal in the current Paldeck.